The Whole Solar Solution

Do You Need Help With Sales? Are You Getting The Best Deal On PV Solar Panels and Inverters? What To Do About Financing?

Are You Looking For An Edge In The Solar Market? WholeSolar came into being to help the independent PV installer to become more competitive with the “BIG GUYS.” We like to say that we are a friend to all QUALITY solar installers. By providing stream-lined sales and consumer financing assistance and aggregating purchases of many installers and from time-to-time taking advantage of spot buys, WholeSolar can assist independant installers to be successful and competitive in the marketplace — WITHOUT REDUCING QUALITY. You can use the most effective selling and marketing techniques in the industry. You can get volume pricing discounts, even when you aren’t purchasing high volume quantities. We pride ourselves for enjoying great relationships with some of the highest quality PV manufacturers in the industry. One of the popular pages of this website is the Worldwide PV Panel Efficiency and Energy Density Chart which not only sorts out the best modules in the world, but also shows that many of the brands that you can purchase from WholeSolar are among the top ten in the world. We offer them at highly compelling prices.

WholeSolar is a solar aggregator. We are continuing to build a buying group of quality installers across the United States. We enjoy strong relationships with solar panel and inverter manufacturers around the world. These relationships enable us to know and obtain the best pricing available at any time. In addition, by purchasing panels and inverters on behalf of several customers at the same time, WholeSolar is able to make volume commitments that result in lower pricing that we pass along to our loyal customers. We are constantly testing new sales and marketing ideas. Most importantly, you can trust WholeSolar. You can trust WholeSolar to talk straight and get you the best deals. You can trust WholeSolar to stand by you and with you before, during and after the solar power system has been installed. We’re in the business to help you succeed and make your customers happy. We want to create and maintain a long-term, trusting relationship with you and we’ll do whatever is needed to do so.

To Installers

Are you a solar panel installer who is looking for an edge in the increasingly competitive residential solar panel market? Perhaps you have recently heard of WholeSolar and the high quality service that it is offering installers throughout the United States. WholeSolar offers a full line of photovoltaic solar panels, solar power inverters and other solar power products. We have searched the world over to offer PV solar panels guaranteed help you in your project or your client’s project. We have researched the latest information on solar power technology. We are here to help you to answer all your questions and gain knowledge fast. We are constantly finding inventory overstock or special pricing which is not always reflected on this website. Most importantly, we want to develop a long-term relationship with you that creates mutual benefits and moves us all toward solar power ubiquity. Please check out the Worldwide PV Panel Efficiency and Energy Density Comparison and call us to let us help you provide the best to your customers.

Do you need help with sales? We’ve found that many single- or double-crew installers just want to get up on roof and make the meter spin backwards. The last thing they want to do is pitch the sale. WholeSolar can help. We can provide effective sales training or we can provide sales professionals who will work on your behalf. We’re continually keeping up-to-date on lead generation and financing tools. WholeSolar’s mission is to be be the WHOLE solution for the independant small business solar installer.

To Homeowner and Businesses

Do you know the cost of doing nothing? Are you interested in solar? Do you have questions about solar? Perhaps you’re a homeowner thinking about a home solar power system. Or are you a business seriously considering a commercial solar power project?

As a service to the industry we have included a Solar Frequently Asked Questions page. The FAQs that you will find at our site will provide tips that show you how to move into solar power and be a part of solution, not the problem, in the area of energy and climate change. If this these FAQs don’t completely answer you questions, please contact and let us know. We’ll not only find you an answer, we’ll add it our FAQs.

If you’re a homeowner or business, as another industry service, we will help you to find installers you can trust to guide you through the process of going solar. Going solar is a “no-brainer” and we’re here to make it as easy as it can be.

In the end, we guarantee that our passion for solar power will translate to good things for you and help you to buy the right solar power system for you.

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